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Buying or selling of a house or a property’s initial part is to find an excellent real estate agent. Understanding what the questions to be asked to your real estate agent can help you find the best realtor which suits your requirements. Your real estate agent is your adviser in the entire sale or purchase process of your house or property. It’s essential that you trust the person who is advising you in buying or selling your property. According to Larry Weltman, a real estate agent since a decade before hiring a realtor, you should do a survey or interview at least three to four different real estate agent asking for the following questions.

1) What Is Your Field of Competence?

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Some real estate agents only deal in buying homes or properties, but on the other hand, some are experts in buying and selling houses. Selling and buying are two different skill sets. In order to get fruitful results, Larry Weltman suggests that you should choose a real estate agent who knows his strengths and expert in this field. While buying a house a need a keen negotiator who gives you the proper price for the home you wish to purchase. And while selling a house or property, you need a person who is very much skilled and has useful links to market with social media marketing who will show your home to many potential buyers.

2) How Frequently Do You Communicate?

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Most of the property sellers complaint that their real estate agent lack communication and regular follow up once they list their property for sale. An experienced agent like Larry Weltman balances many customers at the same time. As if your agent lack to communicate with you how will you come to know that exactly what is the position of your property sale? Hence while choosing a real estate agent while buying or selling any property do ask your agent how frequent do they communicate with the customers. If they doubt about communication than this indicated that you might get shuffle in different customers.

3) How Do You Charge?

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Real estate agents offer many different modes of payment for his or her services. Some agents have their fixed fee, but on the other hand, some agent might charge their fee on the percentage of the sale amount. Some listing companies have their own price structures, but other companies have allowed all their agents to charge their own price depending on the service. Make sure you understand you’ll pay your agent before signing the agreement.

4) Do You Have Any Price Range?

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This question depends on the area of an expert of your agent. If you hire a real estate agent, who charges his or her fees on the percentage of the transaction amount than its obvious that he or she has already calculated the amount he or she will make from your transaction. If the price of your deal is less than that of other customers, what is the assurance that you’ll get the same attention. In real estate industry, every home has a different price range. Hence you must hire a real estate agent who understands all such aspects and gives you with the best deal possible.

5) Who Else Is Connected?

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We all know that some agents who are in high demand have many customers. Hence they might have some assistants working under them. Try to find the person who will handle your transaction and ask to meet that person. An agent who focuses on customer service will likely initiate this introduction without asking says, Larry Weltman. But by asking this, you are just preventing from any future confusion and frustration.

By asking these questions, you will find the best real estate agent who will suit your requirement. You must look for a real estate agent who respects you and will give you honest advice. For more such information you can also follow Larry Weltman’s Official Twitter account.